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Brad Hupy



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Mr.  Hupy is a geotechnical consultant with nearly 25 years of expertise in  the Pacific Northwest preforming a wide range of roles. His work has  included projects in the commercial and industrial sectors, rail bridge  foundations, highway pavement design, landslides, and moderate to large  sized residential projects. He has managed projects for TriMet, the  Oregon Department of Transportation, Washington County, the City of Lake  Oswego, the City of Hillsboro, and other metropolitan municipalities.

David K. Rankin, CEG, LHG, LEG, QE



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Mr.  Rankin has over 20 years of geotechnical and environmental experience  in the Pacific Northwest working for firms ranging in size from 3 to  50,000 employees.  David's geotechnical experience includes  due-diligence feasibility, design and construction for multi-story  offices, warehouses, multi-family, homes, bridges/roads, pipelines, high  voltage transmission/generation, wind power and dams/reservoirs.  His  geologic experience includes city/county/state planning for and  site-specific assessment of natural hazards including landslides and  coastal/stream erosion.  His environmental experience includes due  diligence development feasibility, characterization of soil/groundwater  and building materials (incl. indoor air), remediation, regulatory "no  further action", well head protection and regulatory compliance. 

Mr.  Rankin managed contracts with METRO, City of Portland (Water, Bureau of  Environmental Services and Portland Bureau of Transportation) and  Portland Development Commission.  He is currently focused on private,  industrial, commercial, agricultural and mixed use ownership and  redevelopment on urban, suburban, industrial, agricultural and forest  lands.

Tima Carlson

Office Manager


Ms.  Carlson has worked in the geotechnical industry for nearly 20 years.  She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology from Portland State University in 2000.  Her work has included geotechnical and  environmental site investigations, environments site assessment,  geologic hazard evaluation, and Geotechnical Special Inspection.  She  plays an integral role in GCN's work, employing her extensive  knowledge of both the technical and business aspects of our geotechnical  practice.  She plays a key role in project management and  administrative services.